Cast Iron Chimineas – Outdoor Garden Heating

iron-chimineasWith cast aluminum, cast iron, and clay available, different chimineas will have different qualities and you will need to decide exactly what you need for your use and for the landscape on offer. For example, the cast iron chimineas can be found in a variety shapes and sizes because they are made from molds. Of course, you have to remember that this material will be heavy which means that it is ideal if you have a spot planned with no plans of moving it. Despite the weight, they are incredibly safe as long as you follow the instructions.

Maintenance – Over time, there will be maintenance involved with cast iron chimineas. Due to moisture, cast iron can and will rust which means that heat tolerant paint needs to be applied regularly. Furthermore, the spark arrestor may require cleaning before use. Although not completely necessary, many owners like to cover their chimineas to lengthen the life of each paint application. Also, it will stop any potential rust from dripping onto the deck after rain.

Cleaning your cast iron chiminea – Before any cleaning takes place, you will need to ensure that the coal has been allowed to cool before shovelling out the ashes. After this, you can rinse the grill as well as the chiminea before putting it all back together.

Choosing a location – Before choosing a chiminea, you should select a location that is level, firm, and unlikely to move with weight. Furthermore, you should look into bases since chimineas should never be placed directly onto the deck. If this mistake is made, it presents a fire hazard with little to no chance of moving the chiminea once installed.

When using the chiminea, remember that it is an outside device which means that it should never be lit inside nor should it be used where there is an overhang. In truth, it should be kept away from your house completely and this includes any railing you may have in addition to any other material that could set alight. Finally, you need to select an area where the chiminea has nothing above including no tree limbs or overhangs.

Cast Iron Chiminea Safety Tips

For the most part, users always remain conscientious of their actions because nobody wants to cause a fire on their own property. Despite this, we have compiled a list of simple tips when using the chiminea.

  • Always have a fire extinguisher nearby
  • Don’t use water to extinguish the chiminea fire
  • Don’t leave your chiminea unattended when lit
  • Stay aware of all pets and children
  • When in use, avoid touching the sides of the chiminea

As long as you pay attention to this advice and stay cautious throughout, the chiminea can be used safely and you can enjoy its use.

Heat – Of course, the chiminea will get hot because it has a purpose of heating a certain area and this is exactly why you should never have it set up near flammable materials. Not only should you avoid direct placement on wood, you should also keep the area above the chiminea clear. If you have children, you absolutely need to stay vigilant because even the slightest of touches will cause burns to skin.

Overall, cast iron chimineas are a fantastic idea for any backyard or garden area. Nowadays, their designs make them stable, sturdy, and they can help to keep guests warm outside as long as it is maintained efficiently. If you prefer less maintenance, you should be looking towards the cast aluminum option because these are also lighter.

However, the clay chiminea should also be considered since this gives a more traditional appearance. This being said, this material also has concerns such as the fragility and the ease of causing damage. Ultimately, the material you choose will depend on your needs. Regardless, they will provide an excellent addition to your outdoor area giving off a certain character and charm.