Modern Chimineas: A New, Patio Decor Idea

modern chimineaIf you are looking for a new and unique garden patio décor idea, the contemporary chiminea may be exactly what you are looking for. Imagine a lovely summer evening, surrounding a warm chiminea with friends and family, with a gentle warm glow of the fire of chiminea.

Chimineas are a Mayan design and are a traditional design from that era. They were made with clay at that time, however you have more options today.

Modern Chiminea

A modern chiminea can be made from steel, which lends a different look than a clay chiminea, temding to be to be more contemporary look. Many are designed to actually be functional sculpture pieces, some truly minimalistic, as well as very durable. Beauty combined with art, added on with a lovely functional purpose make chimineas a lovely statement piece.

A metal chiminea can be made from steel or cast iron. These are more durable than their clay counterparts, and can last for many years when cared for appropriately. With a metal chiminea, you are able to be more flexible in the fuel options, which can handle charcoal or fire briquettes without danger or damage and cracking. You cannot do this with a clay chiminea, as these hotter burning items will make the chiminea more likely to crack or be damaged.

A lovely burning chiminea will give warmth and a gentle light to your environment, encouraging you to use your patio or garden into the evening and even the night. You will find that your garden area is transformed into a beautiful space, with the lovely addition of the grace of a chiminea. You can enjoy it as much as a bonfire, complete with roasting marshmellows. Some folks base their choice of chiminea on aesthetic appeal, as an artistic object rather than a functional artistic object.

There are many options for modern chimineas when you want a unique fireplace idea. If you are daunted by your choice options, you can use the search bar on the side to help you narrow down options to get the perfect chiminea for your needs.